The Horrific Home of Beatrice Stainsbury

Ghostly Neighbours - DSC01800

Ghostly residents of the Stainsbury home.

Adults looking for some spooky alternative fun on Halloween night can check out an original performance ensemble on a tour of a creepy East Vancouver heritage house.

The Horrific Home of Beatrice Stainsbury is a new production this year by Myriam Steinberg and the In the House Festival. Chris Murdoch wrote the storyline and approached Steinberg about collaborating on it.

“We’re a good platform,” said Steinberg about In the House. “People come with their projects and I have the audience and the location.” She said the cast of 24 is made up of local actors, musicians, jugglers and other circus arts performers.

Set in the early 1900s, the story features a cast of ghostly characters who tell their grisly tales standing amidst the audience. As groups of 11 people tour through the house and its garden — decorated in a gothic and macabre manner — they encounter a burlesque act, pirate fire performance, a musical performance, a mad doctor and his assistant plus a few more.

On October 31, the evening starts on Napier Street where the audience assembles to hear a few musical introductions. Then the tour proceeds to the main house where it lasts for about 35 minutes.

Tickets must be bought in advance online via the website,

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